Lovevery toy subscription, is it worth it? Here is our review after one year.

Lovevery toy subscription, is it worth it? Here is our review after one year.


If the targeted ads have made it to your social platforms, you've probably wondered about Lovevery toys. They are advertised as montessori-style toy subscriptions that are shipped to your house during milestone months for growing babies and kids.

They say the kits are created by experts for specific developments in babies and toddlers.


Well, you could say their ads worked, because we bought the one-year subscription when our son was only a few weeks old. I didn't know what to do with a newborn to stimulate their brain and promote curiosity. I also had no clue what toys and activities were age and developmentally appropriate.

This kit basically took out the guess work for us.

The first kit was delivered pretty quickly, it was full of black and white pictures, little shakers, and more. At first open, I wasn't sure this box of toys was worth the cost... I can get this stuff on amazon, right? Well I quickly learned how everything was meant to be used together to help with tummy time. We liked it. It even comes with a book for parents to learn how to introduce the toys and different ways to play.

Sometimes our son wouldn't notice a toy from the box for weeks... then it suddenly became his favorite thing.

I became more impressed with each box. After Christmas our son had a plethora of new toys, but the only toys that actually kept his attention for longer than a minute were the wooden toys from his Lovevery boxes.

Something we noticed -- the electronic toys that light up and sing worked more as distraction tools than actual toys. He would push a button, then move on. HOWEVER, with the Lovevery toys he would actually sit there for 10, 20 even 30 minutes trying to figure them out and do new things with them.


Toys of honorable mention, the soft book in box #2 and the magic tissue box from box #3. He seriously played with these every single day. The soft book was great for car rides, too.



For the 0-12 month kits, you get six total boxes.

0-12 weeks, month 3, month 5, month 7, month 9, month 11.

I think these are spaced out perfectly, your home isn't overtaken by toys but there's something new and stimulating every once in awhile.



The kits are definitely a luxury, not a necessity. Each kit is about $80, so not cheap. Can you buy similar toys for way cheaper? Totally. This kit is about convenience and age appropriate learning, so I'm not sure a second time mom would benefit from it like a first time mom would.


Was it worth it?

For us, yes it was! We plan to buy the next subscription!

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**We are not affiliated with Lovevery in any way. This is our honest review at our own will.

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