Surviving the newborn stage + beyond

Surviving the newborn stage + beyond

Here are some of our favorite products that helped us survive the newborn stage!

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1. Hatch sound machine

Truth be told, we have the sound machine without the clock onit... but I'm linking the one with the clock because I wish I had it.

With this tool, you can control the sound, volume, light brightness and color from your phone. The account can be accessed on several devices, which we love.


2. Merlin sleep suit

This fluffy sleep suit was the perfect transition piece to get our son from swaddle to regular sleep sack. It is recommended that swaddling for sleep stops at 8-weeks or the first sign of rolling, whichever comes first. I believe we started using the Merlin suit around 7-weeks. We call it the super suit, because it's hilarious on a tiny babe.

3. Avent pacifiers

Our son didn't really like pacifiers very long, but when he did, we LOVED the ones with the stuffed animal on them because when they fell, they wouldn't roll across the room. Plus, so much easier to find during a colicky, newborn fit.
Keep in mind, these aren't advised for sleep in the crib. It's recommended to use a paci without attachments for safety.


4. Avent bottles or pump compatible bottles

We originally were using the Como Tomo baby bottles, which are fine, but I later learned Avent bottles are compatible with Spectra pump flanges. First time mom mistake there, but I then added Avent bottles to the mix for less dishes. I could take my milk straight from the pump, to the fridge, or to the baby.
My advice, find which bottles are compatible with your breast pump if you plan to use one. Maymom bottles on Amazon work too!


 5. Car camera

 The mirrors made for watching your rear-facing baby in the car were so distracting to me for some reason. I saw this camera online, and I loved it instantly. It plugs into your cigarette lighter port and a long wire fits between the seats to run to the camera. The quality isn't iPhone quality or anything, but gets the job done.



- J


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