What's the hype around bamboo clothing?

What's the hype around bamboo clothing?

If you've entered the world of baby clothes you have probably learned there is a massive fan base for "bamboo" clothing. So what is it? 

Fabric made from bamboo is called "viscose from bamboo". This fabric is actually a type of rayon made by extracting cellulose from wood pulp. It's a man made fabric, however bamboo viscose is created from natural materials.


Reasons to  L O V E bamboo vicose:

1. It's super soft, especially on sensitive skin

Whether it's sensitive skin, eczema or beyond, this type of fabric won't add to the problem like others might. It's both stronger and softer than cotton.

2. Feels like luxury, not quite as expensive

You'll feel the difference right away, and it will last longer, too. Its more expensive than cotton but lasts longer, feels better and often looks nicer, too.

3. Lightweight and breathable

This fabric has excellent ventilation so you don't have to worry about get sweaty and sticky. It regulates heat, making it perfect for every season and activity.

4. It is Pill-Resistant

It looks nice, longer. You get your money's worth with bamboo. especially for ever-growing babies. Don't worry about fabric residue!

5. Low maintenance

You can throw it the wash and dryer. However, line dry for longevity. 

6. It's eco-friendly

The bamboo plant is actually a giant, woody grass. It's super fast growing, and some species can even grow over 3 feet per day. This makes bamboo a highly renewable resource. It's biodegradable.

7. It's cleaner

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and odor-resistant.  It smells better and says cleaner. 


Not convinced yet? Give it a try.





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